Truth & Distance

by Concern



Another heart-stopping debut brought to you by the increasingly inspired Digitalis imprint, Concern is the recording project of Gordon Ashworth who in a previous incarnation (as Oscillating Innards) delivered an altogether more brutal take on experimental music before planting his feet firmly in the world of shimmering, layered drones (...) the epic closing "Heartsink"proceeds to completely obliterate the vast majority of what passes for contemporary Drone with a colossal shimmer that sounds like Tim Hecker reconfiguring classic Raga structures into something almost unspeakably beautiful."

originally released on CD by Digitalis and Iatrogenesis, and on LP by Digitalis in 2010. remastered by Gordon Ashworth in 2014.

instrumentation (in order of appearance): zither, lap harp, mbira, banjo, piano, clarinet, alto horn, trombone, accordion, acoustic guitar.
alto horn, clarinet and trombone sources provided by Joel Cherney. recorded from 2008 to 2009 with recording assistance from Mark Burden and Jeremy Romagna.


released August 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Gordon Ashworth Portland, Oregon

American musician and sound artist. Acoustic instruments, field recordings, tape, noise.

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